Machine Learning Platform for the Classification of Nucleotide Sequences
Université du Québec à Montréal

Use to create and train a classifier on your labeled sequences
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Select metrics
[CUT] Number of fragments
[RMS] Root mean square of fragment lengths
Select features
By Spearman correlation. Coefficient threshold:
By Information gain. Top-K:                            
By a set of restriction enzymes
Training set options
Generate a negative dataset (beta version)
Size ratio of negative set and positive set
Select learning algorithms
Learn all available algorithms
[J48] Decision tree
[RFT] Random forest
[SVM] Support vector machine
[IBK] K-nearest neighbors (KNN)
[BAG] Bagging combined with J48
[ADA] AdaBoost combined with J48
[NBA] Naive Bayes
Classification metadata
Sequences taxon
Sequence type
Classifier description
Classification type
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